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Evelyn Miller-Freebury

Evelyn Miller-Freebury

I studied creative dance with my mother as a child. As a young woman I studied modern dance and worked in an experimental dance company. I stopped dancing for many years due to physical injury. During this period I became a maternal/child nurse and worked mainly with childbirth. This lead to working with breast feeding and attachment issues which became my focus for many years. While continuing to work in this field I re-entered the world of movement for healing and expression. I became a Body-Mind Centering Practitioner in 2000. I focused initially on children and individuals with movement challenges. I then trained as a Laban/Bartenieff Practitioner. I developed a combination of these approaches as a foundation for training singers/ performers. I have worked with Barefoot Opera over a twelve year period developing an approach preparing classical singers to perform and sing with full physical integration. I continued to work with infants, young children and their families and became a Child’Space practitioner to further my understanding of the development of functional movement. As an adjunct to my practice I have and continue to study manual therapy with osteopathic teachers. I increasingly understand development problems and adult movement issues as a continuum.


Registered Nurse (RN)

Authorized Awareness Through Movement Teacher

Registered Movement Educator and Therapist

Body-Mind Centering Practitioner®️

Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis Practitioner

Child’Space Practitioner®️

Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)