Julie Casson Rubin: Biography


I began studying the Feldenkrais Method in 1973. I was immediately impressed with the effectiveness of the classes for myself and my classmates. When Dr. Feldenkrais came to San Francisco in 1975 I joined his first North American teacher training program.  I began teaching group classes at Fort Mason Center in 1976 and graduated with a diploma from Dr. Feldenkrais in 1977.

During this period I was also a student of biology and dance at San Francisco State University, graduating in 1978 with a degree in dance and physical education.  I have been studying various forms of dance since age 15 and I continue to take class with many of the excellent dance teachers in the Bay Area. My study of dance has been an important contribution to deepening my understanding of human movement. 

I have been a full time Feldenkrais practitioner for over 35 years. I have worked in San Francisco in private practice and in various medical settings including nine years at the University of California Medical Center at S.F. General Hospital. In 1988, I co-founded the Feldenkrais Center, with Deborah Bowes, in San Francisco, where I have taught group classes and workshops and individual lessons. 

While sharing the work of launching and teaching 18 training programs, my husband Paul Rubin and I have also raised a family of four wonderful children, now adults! We are very happy to now have two grandchildren as part of our family.

Teaching and leading Feldenkrais Teacher Training Programs

In 1987 I began to work throughout the U.S., Australia and Europe in Feldenkrais Teacher Training Programs and in continuing education seminars in the Feldenkrais Method for medical providers. This teaching experience prepared me to become a lead Trainer and Educational Director of training programs with my husband and teaching partner Paul Rubin. In 1992 we began our first training program in San Francisco. Many of our first group of 57 graduates are still teaching after many years of successful practice. 

Following the successful completion of our first training in 1996, we have been continuously engaged with teaching in our programs in the U.S., Australia and Europe. We directed the first training program in Perth Australia and in Basel Switzerland, where we completed four full trainings over the course of 20 years.  While working in Europe, we taught on-going post graduate seminars in Milan Italy and a teacher training program in Turin. In the U.S. we completed trainings in Cincinnati, Houston and in Chicago, where we are now teaching our fourth full program. We have continued to offer teacher training in San Francisco, where we are now conducting our fourth program. 

We have recently returned from Basel Switzerland and Glasgow Scotland where we offered public workshops and post graduate seminars. The topics of our most recent seminars have included improving the functional relationship of the spine to movement of the whole self and refining and strengthening the use of the arms and hands, especially for musicians and Feldenkrais practitioners.

Our future training programs in the U.S. will be conducted in Chicago and in San Francisco. New programs in each city will begin in 2017.

We are excited to be offering the first training program in Taiwan, beginning in February 2016. The training will be taught in English with translation to Mandarin.

For details about our up-coming teacher training programs or post graduate seminars, please contact us at the Institute For the Study of Somatic Education at www.feldnet.com or 415 333 6644.

My experience with teaching in training programs has also brought some wonderful opportunities to work in collaboration with many colleagues in their programs throughout the U.S., Europe and recently in Cali, Colombia. I also had the opportunity to be the keynote speaker at the Feldenkrais Guild annual conference in 2005.