Cliff Smyth

I have been a Feldenkrais Practitioner since 1991 - practicing in Melbourne, Australia and San Francisco - helping clients and students with a variety of movement challenges and helping them find ways to act in the world that are comfortable, efficient, easy and effective.

I specialize in working with people with hand and arm pain and injures - especially repetitive strain injuries, back pain, balance challenges, face, jaw and eye pain or strain, as well as stress and issues with sleeping.

I am also a personal coach, having completed my training in Core Strengths Coaching - which is based on the new field of positive psychology - working with people to help them enhance their well-being. This includes helping people deal positively with life and career change, life-work balance, stress, health challenges and to establishing positive new habits. You can read about my coaching practice at

For much of my working life I have been a teacher, facilitator and leader - in a variety of positions and working as a volunteer - in the arts, education and training, and the Feldenkrais professional community.

Currently I am studying to become and Authorized Teacher of the Sounder Sleep System® of self-help for insomnia and stress. I have also studied and practiced mindfullness mediation and Yoga Nidra over many years.

I draw on all my experience and training in working with people on their development and learning needs in my teaching of Feldenkrais and Sounder Sleep and in my coaching work.

Read more about my Feldenkrais work.

Certifications and Education

  • Guild Certified Feldenkrais TeacherCM, Feldenkrais Guild of North America, since 1991
  • Certified Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer, North American Feldenkrais Training Accreditation Board, since 2002
  • Certificate in Core Strengths Coaching, SFSU, 2009
  • Feldenkrais Professional Training Program, Lincoln School of Health Sciences, LaTrobe University, Melbourne and the Movement Studies Institute, Berkeley, 1991
  • BA and Diploma in Education, LaTrobe University, Melbourne, 1983.

Recent Conference Presentations

  • workshop presentations at the Body, Mind, Spirit Conference, Santa Clara, California, 2007 and 2008
  • 'Thinking Through Moving' at the 12th International Conference on Thinking, Melbourne, Australia, 2005
  • 'Case Study Research' at the Feldenkrais Guild of North America Conference, Seattle, Washington, 2005
  • three presentations on the Feldenkrais Method to Physical Education students at the University of San Francisco

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