The Brain's Way of Healing has published an excerpt from Dr. Doidge's book which focuses on the Feldenkrais Method. Click on the link to read the article.

Norman Doidge, author of the million-selling The Brain that Changes Itself has published a new volume, The Brain's Way of Healing. Dr Doidge, is a leading proponent of the ideas of neuroplasticity and neurogenesis, which provide a basis for the brain and nervous system's capacity to learn throughout life. Two chapters of his new book are about the Feldenkrais Method®.

This book describes how the practice of the Feldenkrais Method develops the very aspects of the brain that will enhance its self-healing. Charles Euchner, writing in The Boston Globe, said, "In this age of distraction and unnatural environments and actions - like staring at screens all day - brain science offers all kinds of useful techniques to care for our infinitely complex selves. Norman Doidge's work is a Michelin Guide to this hopeful new trove of knowledge and insight".