The Science and Power of DayTamers

by Kathy Flock, Authorized Sounder Sleep System Teacher, GCFT

When I decided to study and teach the Sounder Sleep System I knew I would learn tools to help me with my insomnia. What I did not know was all the other benefits that I would enjoy by practicing the system. The Sounder Sleep System is not only a valuable self-healing approach for insomnia relief, it is also an effective way to reduce anxiety, relieve painful muscle tension, minimize menopausal problems and help diminish other stress-related symptoms.

There are three functional components of the Sounder Sleep System that work together in an integrated way to ensure a more restful sleep. Natural Breathing, DayTamers and Sleep Inducing Hypnogenic Gestures are the three pieces that together make up the Sounder Sleep System. Here I will explain the purpose and benefits of DayTamers.

DayTamers are daytime relaxation techniques that are done to help reduce your level of arousal during waking hours so that you can sleep easier at night. They are the most powerful approach to relaxation that I have ever experienced. DayTamers are gentle, voluntary movements, generally done with your hands that are synchronized with your natural breath. When I practice a DayTamer muscle tension eases within minutes, my breath becomes fuller and freer, my mind quiets and the result is an pleasurable overall sensation of well being. Practicing DayTamers is the best thing that you can do to assure a more restful night and more peaceful life.

A 2001 study done at the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine on chronic insomnia shows that people with stress-related insomnia have prolonged activation of the body's stress-response system. This means that insomniacs, compared to good sleepers, have higher levels of adrenal hormones in their system 24 hours a day. These continual high levels produce arousal and lead to difficulties in sleeping. The study concludes that 'the therapeutic goal in insomnia should be to decrease the overall level of physiologic and emotional arousal, and not just to improve nighttime sleep.' This is exactly what DayTamers do. They reduce overall arousal levels during the day so that you can sleep better at night.

One must make a commitment to practicing DayTamers daily to fully benefit from the Sounder Sleep System. If you have mild insomnia you need to practice for 10 minutes once a day; for more severe insomnia you need to practice two or three times a day. Your practice will become a welcomed break in your day. As Michael Krugman, the founder of the Sounder Sleep System explains, the purpose of DayTamers is to 'make your life more peaceful. The more peaceful your life is, the more peaceful your sleep is.'

Kathy Flock.

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