Evelyn Miller-Freebury working with a child

Evelyn Miller-Freebury working with a child

I offer individual movement and manual therapy sessions. My approach is led by a client’s needs and uses fundamental principles of body organization and application from Body-Mind Centering, Child’Space, and Laban-Bartenieff Movement studies.

I work with adults with a range of issues related to daily function, posture and expression. I have experience with individuals with chronic musculoskeletal injuries and conditions, performers seeking greater freedom and support, and individuals with curiosity and a wish to feel a clearer relationship with their bodies. I teach Bartieneff Movement Fundamentals by arrangement.

Infants and their parents have been an central focus of mine for several decades. I work with babies experiencing any difficulties including feeding, rest, spacial orientation, asymmetry, or unbalanced tone. My approach is to mentor parents in supporting their child.

Touch and Movement: Your Babies’ First Language is a parent /infant class for supporting healthy infant development. I will be offering a new series in January 2019.

“Alignment is a continual dialogue between awareness and action. “