Start your Sunday engaging your body, breath, mind and spirit. This yoga class includes a guided relaxation and breathing practices; concluding with a brief, silent meditation.

These classes are taught in the Viniyoga style, which is similar to Feldenkrais® in encouraging receptive awareness of the body's limitations instead of just bullying and pushing the body. The use of breath and movement cleverly and gently reorganizes habitual patterns to creates more ease and integrity. Teacher Dawn Summers adapts postures and the class level for those in attendance.

Class: Sundays 9:00 - 10:00 am

Price: $15 drop-in or 4 class card/$55

Check with Dawn if you have any questions about the yoga class.

Dawn Summers is certified by American Viniyoga Institute in an extensive 500-hour training and she is also certified as a yoga therapist. She has been teaching yoga since 1985, trains yoga teachers and therapists and works with students to develop their own customized yoga practice. For more information: New Dawn Yoga Therapy Phone: (650) 755-5460.